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The MARV-bot

An all-new field trials robot designed for operational and mechanical reliability.

The MARV-bot is an all-new field trials robot which has been under development since May 2020. The MARV-bot will be capable of semi-autonomously driving pre-planned routes over trials plots whilst surveying the crops. The MARV-bot will come pre-equipped with high-precision equipment to ensure no damage is caused to the crops whilst recording the data for each plant.

The MARV-bot is being designed for high reliability with a simple maintenance model.

Planned features

These are the features we're designing into the MARV-bot.

Centimetre-level Precision

Using a high quality GPS-RTK receiver we can take centimetre level GPS measurements, to ensure the rover doesn't stray from it's path.

A Custom Management System

We have developed a management system for monitoring and controlling the MARV-bots and for viewing the large amount of data they produce.

Height adjustment

The MARV-bot can adjust it's height to fit the crops, to optimise the detail of the image analysis, whilst ensure no damage is caused to the crops.

Computer Vision

The MARV-bot will use all-new computer vision software designed by Adiuvo Engineering.

Weather and Soil Monitoring

The MARV-bot will monitor and record the weather and soil conditions, which can then be analysed in combination with the per plant measurements.

High-Precision Spray and Fertiliser Application

The MARV-bot will come equipped with a high-precision sprayer and fertiliser, designed for applying specific measurements of chemicals as accurately as possible, to ensure the best results of the trial.

RSL Logo


24th November, 2021

We recently ran a logo competition on the website DesignCrowd and are happy to announce our new logo.

The winners were Kreative Fingers, although there was close competition from another cute design.

EdgeImpulse Logo

Edge Impulse

6th August, 2021

Robotic Systems Ltd is proud to announce it is receiving backing from Edge Impulse, the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices. Machine learning on edge devices will enable the rover to perform data processing during operation.

Edge Impulse

Blog Post

6th July, 2021

Our partner's for this project are Adiuvo Engineering. They have written up a blog post talking about the computer vision and machine learning being planned for the robot.

You can read about it on Adiuvo Engineering's website.

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First Prototype

Here's a clip of our first prototype, which was created in May 2020.

A frame of the video showing the rover moving

Meet the team


Aaron Hutton

Software Engineer

Adrian Hutton

Systems Engineer

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